Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shall Wonders Cease to Amaze, 16 x 20

This painting was one that had been brewing inside of me for a while before I finally sat down and painted it. I wanted to silhouette the palisades against an early morning sunrise. I made an 8 x 10 study and then used that to create this painting.  My friend was confused by the title and asked why I just didn't title it "Sunrise on Clearwater Lake".  I'm getting tired of titles that state the obvious and trying to come up with titles that relate more to what I was feeling when I painted them. These types of sunrises are common in most parts of the world and I was wondering if I would ever become indifferent to them. I don't think so. They are always amazing.

It Must Be Amore, 16 x 20

This is a memory painting based on cloud formations and moonlight over Lake Superior and the Sawtooth Mountains.  I have a small plein air sketch of the clouds (on a sunny day) that I used for the shapes and light effect. I had seen similar light effects on a few different moonlit nights and thought it would be cool to have big billowing mass of clouds, so often seen in the summer, drifting across the lake lit up by a full moon.

Clearwater Palisades, 16 x 32

Another painting done of my favorite Lake: Clearwater. This is a studio version of a smaller painting I did on location.

Cascade Falls, 16 x 20