Saturday, January 22, 2011


"Hillside, Duluth Harbor" 12" x 16" available
This is a view from the hillside in Duluth Minnesota looking down at Minnesoat Point, AKA Park Point (the long narrow stretch of land in the middle ground), and the Duluth Harbor. The one thing that always comes into my mind, as an artist, while I'm painting in Duluth is the fact that the great American painter Albert Bierstadt painted on this same hillside.  His veiw was further west (or off the right side of the canvas). There are virtually no buildings on his hillside view, just a straight shot down to the point. I"ve always wondered what brought him to Duluth, Minnesota. Was he visiting an artist buddy or relatives?  Its such an odd side trip from his Yosemite and western painting locales. 


  1. Those spires capture the historic feel of Duluth! Nice painting!

  2. Saw this over at the OPM show and fell in love. Great composition and atmosphere.